Adding a patio to any property simply makes it more beautiful, functional, and welcoming. Some homes aren’t fit for a new deck because they don’t have the elevation needed, but you might want a sprawling patio that stretches across your backyard. For help with Maryland patio construction in Catonsville, Sykesville, Eldersburg, Baltimore, Ellicott City, and beyond, our team at GPRO Landscaping has a solution.

Enhancing Your Living Space

Patios enhance your living space by allowing you to walk out the back door and instantly enjoy yet another room designed to your specifications. Think of the patio as an outdoor dining room, or you might add an outdoor kitchen.


Your patio could extend your living room, or it might be the party space near your pool, jacuzzi, or hot tub. As you add living space, you can enjoy the outdoors with a ready-made platform that suits your aesthetic.

Broom Finish Concrete

Broom Finish Concrete Patios provide a nice simple and clean addition to your home. Our most budget friendly option.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Patios are a more decorative and advance alternative option to Broom Finish. With more patterns and color options to choose.

Paver Patios

Paver Patios are the grandest of them all. Our highest quality patio, made of natural stones, this option provides an instant modern and luxurious addition to your home. With many color and design options to choose.

Comprehensive Design/Build Services

At GPRO Landscaping, we offer comprehensive design/build services to ensure you get exactly what you want. We create a mockup of the patio you want, and we will adjust the design during your consultation. You get a free estimate for the patio, and we will build everything to perfection. We can even return for repairs or maintenance in the future.


As part of our Maryland patio construction process, you can choose any material you want. Pavers, loose stones, unique rocks, gravel, sand, decorative concrete, and more help shape your new patio.

The Benefits of a New Patio

A new patio offers several benefits that you simply do not get with a blank backyard. You need a place to enjoy your property, but a patio goes further with:

Increasing your property values — A new patio makes your home more attractive and increases the value of your property if you ever choose to move.

Greater enjoyment of the home — You have the option to simply relax on the patio, work outside, or cook for the family on the grill. The patio is another place to read, study, or work, and it allows you to get a breath of fresh air without going any farther than your back door.

Custom designs — Not only do you get a custom design, but we complete construction to your exact specifications. If you want black and red pavers, that’s what we’ll use. If you want your patio to take on the shape of Australia, we can make it happen. You get a unique design that cannot be duplicated.

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Reliable Patios for Every Maryland Home

For a new patio, unique design, and reliable Maryland patio construction, call our GPRO Landscaping team at 443-615-9772 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and survey of your property.