The landscaping around your Maryland home wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful deck where you can enjoy nature, relax, and entertain friends and family. Our Maryland deck building team is filled with experts, having built hundreds of decks over the years. Not only do we match the style of your deck to the house, but we add all the little touches that make you feel right at home. For Maryland decking construction in Sykesville, Columbia, Catonsville, and Ellicott City, gPro Landscaping can help.

Design/Build Services

After trimming your grass, planting your garden, or installing a fire pit, we can start work on your new deck. Your deck can rise to any height you want, and it can sit on any part of the property. 


Don’t hem yourself in with the idea that your deck should be a 10’ X 10’ square just off your back door. We can wrap the deck around your house, create a balcony-style deck outside your master suite, add different elevations to the deck, or wrap the deck around your pool and spa.

When you work with our Maryland deck building team, we design everything, tweak the design as needed, and give you an upfront estimate for the job. We build everything to your specifications, and we can return for repairs or maintenance at any time.

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The Benefits of a New Deck

When our Maryland deck building team designs and constructs your new deck, you enjoy several benefits, including:


Extra living spaceYou have extra living space because you can walk out of the house and onto the deck. This is helpful for those who want to work outside, sit outside and read, relax with their significant other, or entertain.


Increased curb appealWhile your deck may not be obvious from the road, it looks amazing when people see it. You will be the envy of the neighborhood, and you will attract buyers with a beautiful deck if you ever move.


Increased property valuesThe value of your home rises when you add a nice deck. You will recover your investment if you ever sell the house, and the deck can easily become a selling feature of the property.


Decorate any way you likeYes, you extended your living space, but you also have a beautiful place to decorate. Ask us to install fairy lights, a pergola, or an arbor. You can bring out new deck furniture, create a deck worthy of a home furnishings magazine, and impress your guests.

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A New Deck You Will Love

Call our team at GPRO Landscaping at 443-615-9772 or contact us online for more information on a new deck. We will send a Maryland deck building team to survey your home, give you a free estimate, and review all your options before the work begins.