Adding decorative fencing to your Maryland property allows you to combine privacy and beauty. You aren’t a cattle farmer in the far reaches of Wyoming hoping to manage several thousand acres and avoid the Livestock Investigator. You own a lovely home or business in sunny and picturesque Maryland. The perfect fence will change the look of your property, complement the structure, and increase property values.


Serving Baltimore, Sykesville, Eldersburg, Columbia, Ellicott City, and Catonsville, we can help you choose the perfect fence for any property.

We Design Decorative Fencing

No matter how simple, your fencing should look perfect. When we add fencing to your Maryland property, it must complement the style of your home or building. Even a simple cattle fence with posts every ten feet and three bars should look good. As part of our design/build services, we show you what the fence will look like and review all the fencing styles available to you.

maryland fence

We offer several fencing styles, including:

  • Chain link
  • Metal bars
  • Wrought iron
  • Composites
  • Vinyl
  • Several wood styles like cedar, redwood, and southern pine


We also stain and paint your fence as needed. Decorative fencing for your Maryland property should be durable, yes, but it should also look the part. We even add special fencing to contain your garden, vegetables, herbs, and more.

The Benefits of a New Fence

Adding decorative fencing to your Maryland property offers several benefits, including:


  • A solid property line
  • Gate access, where applicable
  • Protection for kids and pets
  • A lovely contrast to your home’s color and trim
  • An unofficial entrance in your front lawn
Maryland fence
Maryland fence

Gain Privacy With Decorative Fencing

When we add a fence to your Maryland home or business, we are giving you more than a decorative accessory. Fences offer you privacy as you enjoy your home or work. Moreover, homeowner’s associations across the state often allow privacy fences and nothing else. We are happy to install a pristine white fence or simply raise the height of the fence to give you the privacy you deserve.

Transform Your Yard Today

Decorative Fence Installation You Will Love

When we add decorative fencing to your Maryland property, you can instantly see the difference. Call us or contact us online to speak with one of our local landscaping experts. Our gPro Landscaping team is happy to visit your home today, provide you with a quote, and add the perfect fence around the edge of your property.

Maryland fence

Decorative Fence Installation You Will Love

Warm and welcoming fire pits allow you to rest outside with Smores, or you can use the fire pit when you are entertaining and the evening is winding down. The pit could be built with pavers, cement blocks, colorful stones, or might include a metal structure that feels almost architectural. When our Maryland landscaping pros build a specialty fire pit, you will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Maryland fence