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Our Maryland landscaping services help homeowners in Sykesville, Catonsville, Columbia, Ellicott City, and beyond with a wide range of options. At gPro Landscaping, we do more than cut your grass, sheer a few bushes, and plant flowers. We add life and character to you property using our years of expertise and a commitment to design quality.
maryland patios

Expansive Patios

A new patio both expands your living space and opens up your design options. We will create any shape you like from any material. The patio can expand into your lawn as far as you want, and we can even make space for an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area.


Think of your patio as a little oasis just outside your back door — an oasis our Maryland landscaping professionals can create today.

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maryland decks

Sprawling Decks

Adding a new deck to your property allows you to nestle above the lawn and enjoy the wildlife in the trees, entertain friends, and cook with a little privacy. We might add steps that allow you to walk down to the lawn, or we can add privacy screens so you can enjoy the deck in peace.


Your new deck can be as high or as low as you want, and it can sit anywhere around the property. Want a private deck outside your master suite? Our Maryland landscaping pros can build it. Want the deck to wrap around your home? We will make it happen.

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Lush Gardens

We can plant the garden around your home including trees, flowers, and bushes or shrubs. Adding a bit of color to your lawn improves curb appeal, and we are happy to return to maintain the garden. We can also create a dedicated space for your garden that may include vegetables, herbs, hanging plants, and much more. When our Maryland landscaping services team completes the job, we offer advice on how to keep these plants healthy throughout the year.

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maryland fence

Decorative & Privacy Fences

Adding a privacy fence makes your lawn more enjoyable and safer for kids or pets. Decorative fences improve curb appeal and raise the value of the property. Plus, a fence can reinforce the design of your home. Want a French country cottage? We can build a fence that belongs in the forests of Burgundy or Provence. A country fence looks great if you have a log cabin or rustic home, and a modern privacy fence gleams in white against the crisp trim and colorful siding around your home.

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maryland fire pits

Warm and Welcoming Fire Pits

Warm and welcoming fire pits allow you to rest outside with S’mores, or you can use the fire pit when you are entertaining and the evening is winding down. The pit could be built with pavers, cement blocks, colorful stones, or might include a metal structure that feels almost architectural. When our Maryland landscaping pros build a specialty fire pit, you will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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maryland stepping stones

Natural Stepping Stones

Adding natural stepping stones to your property allows you to create a path around the property, build stairs up small hills, or add steps up to your front or back door. You might allow the stepping stones to lead to your deck or patio, or the stones might cross the yard to another feature such as a bridge, or gazebo.

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maryland landscaping

Reliable and Beautiful Landscaping Services

At gPro Landscaping, we ensure that you enjoy both reliable and beautiful landscaping designs. From your patio to the deck, stepping stones, fire pit, garden, and fences, we offer Maryland landscaping services that both raise your property’s value and make your home an enjoyable place to be.

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